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What Our Clients Say...

“The Idox Open 4 Learning portal is well used by students and feedback shows that the system is considered easy to access and user-friendly. There is a wide range of useful funding information on the portal, and the team at Idox are proactive at ensuring the opportunities sourced are relevant to Birmingham City University students, and more importantly, up to date.

The support provided by the Idox team at the planning and start-up phase was very professional and efficient, and this has been reflected in the ongoing after-care to date. Idox provide named customer relationship managers who you can actually get hold of! Any amendments or changes we have asked for have been actioned almost immediately.

It is an excellent tool for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.”

Matt Till, Assistant Director – Student Services, Birmingham City University

“The University of Dundee is pleased to work closely with Idox on its Open 4 Learning database. Our students increasingly avail themselves of Open 4 Learning to support their quest for additional funding for their current course of study or to assist them in preparation for postgraduate study. That the database includes local, national and international information means continued support for the University’s commitment to all students’ academic and non-academic progression.”

Sharon Sweeney, Student Funding Officer, University of Dundee

“The University of Edinburgh is aware that the cost of studying at university can be a very real concern for many students. While the University offers the most generous undergraduate bursary support of any UK university, for those from the lowest family income, as well as scholarships and other financial support, enrolled students are always looking for ways to supplement their income. One important way of doing this is by making an application to one of the numerous charities and trusts. There are literally thousands of external funding bodies out there that students might be eligible to apply for.

“For many years the University referred students to FunderFinder which provided details on over 4,500 trusts, charities and foundations. Sadly this very useful funding database ceased to operate and for a period we had to refer students to educational trust publications which sometimes are not particularly easy to navigate. The University heard about the service provided by Idox called Open 4 Learning and we were keen to see how this tool might support our enrolled students.

“We have worked with Idox in creating the Open 4 Learning portal for the University which involves a simple registration process and search functionality. We look forward to hearing from our students over the coming year how they have found this funding search tool and on how successful they have been in sourcing additional funding.”

Robert Lawrie, Director of Scholarships and Student Funding, University of Edinburgh

“I was so impressed with how simple it was to get the Open 4 portal up and running. Idox did everything, all that was left for me to do was get a hyperlink copied and pasted on the relevant parts of our site.”

Ben Hooson, Corporate Project Officer (Economic Development), Huntingdonshire District Council

What Students Say...

We frequently receive enquiries from students, parents and student financial advisers across the UK and increasingly from international students, seeking advice and guidance on where they can access funding information.

As an Open 4 Learning subscriber, enquiries from students interested in studying at your institution would be directed to you to help support your recruitment drive.

Just some of the requests we’ve received are as follows... 

“I am seeking help to fund myself through an MA in Art Psychotherapy. Opportunities for grants and funding at Postgraduate level are limited and increasingly difficult to obtain so I am contacting you in the hope that you will be able to assist me in some way with my financial difficulties.”

“My daughter has just been offered a place at _______ in London. They only have two places per year and it’s a great opportunity for her. As she works shifts in a hotel and doesn’t have access to a computer, I’m doing some research for her with regard to grants/bursaries. The course fees are £2,750, three terms in the year. We live on the isle of Arran of Scotland’s west coast. Obviously this is all new to us where to go to get help and advice and we would appreciate any from you. It’s all a bit confusing. The costs of travel, accommodation, moving fees, etc are so much but we want her to do this as it’s her passion and she has talent.”

“I am currently studying veterinary medicine at ________ University. Although I was able to cover the first year due to unforeseen circumstances, the funding I had for my second year has fallen through. As you can see, I am in financial difficulty and desperately trying to find funding from other sources. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.”

“I’m trying to find a grant provider to help me with my tuition fees and living costs for my 1st year at ______ University. Student finance are not funding me for the first year and are only willing to pay for my 2nd and 3rd year. Is there any organisation you can give me details to that will be willing to provide me with a grant to help pay for my tuition fees and my accommodation cost for my first year?”

“I am currently unemployed and seeking funding for a training course. I have a university degree but I lack the digital skills that are needed for the job market. I know the courses that would help me get a job in this sector and I am looking for funding to help me develop these skills and my career. I have tried to save money since leaving university and I have even worked in different industries to try and fund my learning but it wasn’t enough. Please let me know if you can help or perhaps put me in touch with someone who can.”

“I’m a mature student looking to study City & Guilds in Creative Techniques, Fashion. How do I access the support available to me? I would like to know of any funding available for any sewing, dressmaking, fashion, upholstery courses in my area as well as elsewhere as I am willing to travel (distance learning).”

“Hi – I’m after some information on funding. I’m hoping to do a HE course to help me into university next year. The problem is as many people do I now have bills and a mortgage to pay and could really use some help in doing this course.”

“I have been applying for Masters courses as of late, and have been accepted into ______ University to study a Masters in Sport Coaching. I am currently looking into certain avenues so as to get funding to help me through my studies for the upcoming year. Please could you let me know if I can apply for or if there are any other funds/bursaries etc that are suitable for me?”

“I am starting my BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing in September at ______ University, and was wondering if I could get any grants or sponsorships for the duration of my course?”

Birmingham City University

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