Key Features

Open 4 Learning ... supporting access to learning and student success

We frequently receive requests from students from all walks of life, wanting to know where they can access further information about funding.

Open 4 Learning is the UK’s first localised learning funding information portal, which allows you to provide an enhanced education-focused funding service to your students.

Key Features

Comprehensive funding content

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  • Access to over 2,500 funding opportunities including:
    • Statutory grants, loans and awards available from European, national, regional and local government. This includes national funding such as the Access to Learning Fund, Care to Learn and National Scholarship Programme (NSP), and small local pots of funding.
    • Corporate and industrial funds from major companies such as bursaries from AstraZeneca, Balfour Beatty and AECOM to help individuals train for a career in specific sectors.
    • Charitable trusts that support individuals in education.
    • College and university funding available from individual institutions, including access bursaries and scholarships designed to increase participation and encourage learners from non-traditional backgrounds.
  • A breadth of information catering for every educational need including:
    • course/tuition fees
    • equipment purchase
    • travel expenses
    • childcare costs
    • accommodation overheads, and much more…
  • Complete and concise fund details, including criteria, who to contact and links to application forms.
  • Dedicated funding news service featuring the latest funding announcements.
  • Updated daily by a dedicated research and editorial team who investigate all available UK and international funding opportunities, ensuring that coverage of funding on your Open 4 Learning portal is comprehensive for those studying at your institution.
  • Step-by-step guides, useful tips and case studies providing advice on how to apply for funding.

Interactive functionality

  • Interactive and easy-to-use browse tool.
  • Automatic email alerts and weekly newsletter to ensure that all end-users are kept up-to-date with the latest funding information.
  • Rating and commenting tools helping users to share their views and find out how other people found the experience of applying for funding firsthand.
  • Funding searches and individual schemes can be saved to user profiles for future reference.
  • Bespoke reports of funding search results.

Tailored to your institution

  • Customised platforms can be easily integrated into existing websites and tailored to match your branding.
  • Dedicated support section, allowing us to advertise initiatives and events on your behalf.
  • Monthly statistical reporting compiled by our Customer Services team to help you gain vital registration details that can be used for future marketing campaigns and research, and for proving the tool’s impact.
  • A choice of either a geographical lock down, or a custom location search, Open 4 Learning supports your students whatever the size of your catchment area.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration on how Open 4 Learning can support learning and skills development in your area.

Key Benefits

Open 4 Learning offers a number of benefits for both students and for your institution.
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