Key Benefits

We recognise that at a time when the cost of education is rising and budgets are being cut, the financial pressures being placed on educational institutions are increasing. The aim of the Open 4 Learning service is to relieve such demands and provide an innovative solution which offers mutual, tangible benefits for both your institution and the students you aim to support.

As our existing clients will testify, the benefits of using the Open 4 Learning portal far outweigh the costs.

Benefits to your institution

Benefits to your institution:

Just some of the advantages of using the Open 4 Learning portal are as follows:

  • Allows you to provide an enhanced funding service to current and prospective students.
  • Saves valuable staff time and resource – we maintain the site on your behalf, allowing you to allocate resource elsewhere.
  • Enables you to respond swiftly to any incoming student funding enquiries.
  • Provides you with confidence in knowing that all the information featured is accurate and comprehensive.
  • Alleviates the pressures of meeting your OFFA “fairer access” obligation by demonstrating an investment in improving fairer access to education and widening participation.
  • Supports you in boosting your student recruitment activity through capturing valuable data on:
    • individual student circumstances;
    • course choices;
    • qualifications and background.
  • Serves as a marketing tool which showcases your institution to future students and allows you to compete for attention against other universities.
  • Encourages student retention as well as recruitment by demonstrating concern for student wellbeing.
  • Serves to generate positive PR by showcasing to parents, student advisers and other stakeholders that your institution is committed to providing student support.
  • Advertises your own funding pots and university initiatives on a student-facing funding platform.
  • Comes fully supported by a UK-wide lead generator – Student Cash Point ( – which acts as a gateway signposting students to relevant institutions.

Benefits to your current and prospective students:

Benefits to your current and prospective students

  • Offers an accessible online funding information portal containing thousands of grants, loans, scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial support.
  • Supports 24/7 access to all featured funding information – for free.
  • Showcases a whole spectrum of learning and skills: ranging from basic skills, through to further and higher education, as well as non-traditional educational opportunities such as work-based learning and professional training.
  • Covers funding pots and initiatives ranging from £25 - £250,000.
  • Empowers the learner to take control of their own future and encourages a proactive approach.
  • Motivates students to undertake further learning and training.
  • Supports learners from all walks of life, regardless of income, age, gender, etc across an array of qualifications, subject areas and occupations.
  • Helps to remove any financial barriers to education that may prohibit further study.
  • Contributes to alleviating the financial pressures associated with studying.

Key Features

Open 4 Learning delivers these tangible benefits to your institution and its learners via its key features.
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